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Cyber crooks refer to affluent consumers as “Candy Stores” because of the value and variety of rewards they can reap once they succeed in breaching one of these targets.

In his series of videos “Guarding the Candy Store”, veteran cybersecurity expert Neal O'Farrell has partnered with Bartlett to explain who the attackers are, why they’re after more than just money, the most common tactics they’ll use, and how to protect yourself.

Check back often as we add more videos on things like identity theft and good personal security habits. And do your friends and colleagues a big favor by sharing this important information and resources with them.


Part 1 - Why and How Cyber Crooks Target the Affluent

Today's cyber crooks and identity thieves are after more than just your identity. They want access to bank and investment accounts, your business and social contacts, personal secrets, even intellectual property.

Part 2 - What Makes You A More Attractive Target?

The fact that you're affluent certainly helps. But today's crooks are just as interested in who you know and who you're connected to.

Part 3 - The Most Common Tactics To Be Wary of

The attacks can come in so many ways - a spear phishing email, targeting employees, family members or advisors, building up dossiers. Crooks have almost limitless options.

Part 4 - How To Protect Yourself and Your Family

At least there's some good news. The only guarantee in security is that if you understand where and how you might be vulnerable, and adjust your decisions and habits accordingly, you stand a much better chance of dodging their attention.

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