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Bartlett is delighted to be able to collaborate with a world-class expert like Neal O'Farrell to make this valuable and timely resource available to all our clients.

At Bartlett we understand that education is a key component of the collaborative process we nurture with all our clients, and that education should not be restricted to just wealth management and planning.

Like it or not, cyber and privacy risks are very real. The more successful you become, the more likely you are to become a target. And the more you have to lose if you do fall victim.

As Neal likes to say, “As consumers, the best security technology of them all rests firmly between our ears.” Most experts agree that individual, personal security awareness is the best and cheapest defense.

And that all starts with some simple and expert education.


Here’s a quick tour:


Security Videos – hear Neal share his perspective from more than 35 years in cybersecurity and a decade focused on protecting high net worth targets. Watch the entire 30-minute video or select from five shorter episodes. Check Them Out.

Security Guides – Neal has created nearly 30 short security guides, on topics including identity theft, phishing, ransomware, protecting your family online, creating stronger passwords and much more. All in PDF format so easy to download, use, and share. Check them out.

Security Self-Audits – Download and use these unique security self audits, one short and one long, to help you identify where you, your family and even your business might be vulnerable, and how to fix it. Check them out.

Bonus Video – Learn about identity theft, America’s biggest crime, from the perspective of some notorious identity thieves, as well as prosecutors, lawyers, and victims.

We hope you’ll find time to refer to this comprehensive and expert resource whenever you’re searching for answers. And we hope you’ll also share this free resource with your family, friends, and colleagues and give them the gift of peace of mind.

And as always, if you have any questions or concerns around cyber and privacy risks for you or your family, we’re always here to help.


Meet Your Expert

This content was created by Neal O’Farrell, one of the world’s longest-serving cybersecurity experts and one of the few to have worked directly with high net worth families and the criminals who target them. Meet him.

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